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About Us

storefront-panoramic-logo-copy.jpg     Evette Mansoor, the founder, immigrated from Israel over 30 years to follow her passion for shoes. As a young girl, her mother cultivated her respect for Italian footwear. Her mother would bring her to the shoe maker to design the shoes that she wore for herself. From there she fell in love with the trade and intricacy of Italian footwear. She goes on to open her business in 1980 in West Village, NYC. It was the famous 8th Street shoe mecca and the place to go to get a good pair of shoes. She sought to to share her vision for design and beauty under the Davinci Shoes brand.
     We aren't just a retail store, we also design our own shoes. Each pair of shoes are branded with a "Davinci Shoes" logo and are made in limited quantities by Evette herself. She sources materials of her shoes directly from Italy where each pair is masterfully created by Italian shoe craftsmen. Our most popular Italian footwear products are the Davinci Men's Fashion Sandals and Dress shoes.  In otherwords, you will not find these shoes anywhere else in the world, since each are unique designs by Evette herself. Just see for youself, our level of quality and price are unbeatable and perhaps you will fall in love with them just like Evette did decades ago.

At Davinci Shoes we are most notably...

  • A unqiue brand that offers exclusive designs inspired from italian classics. See Davinci shoes.
  • Importers of fine handmade Italian footwear brands for men and women (i.e. Jo Ghost, Mauri, Toscana, Doucal's, Albano, The Seller, BCBG...and the list goes on. See Brands)
  • An authorized dealership for Lucchese and Old Gringo cowboy boots
  • A shoe store at a prime retail location in New York City
  • Not just high-end shoe retailer but a "multi-tiered" one. Not only do we have a broad eclectic range of shoes, they are a curated selection that is not too mainstream but also classy. 

 We Value...

  • Loyalty - A family business, we keep within our network and aim to build from a strong sense of identity that appreciates the business of our customers and all we have to be grateful for.
  • Adaptability - Once a thriving brick-and-mortar storefront, we are now moving to ecommerce to keep up with the demands of the tech-saavy consumer.
  • Customer satisfaction - A happy customer is a win-win for us. Free U.S. domestic shipping and low prices, need we say more?
  • Traditional beauty - Keeping it classic in aesthetic yet modern in design, we strive for refinement and complexity in both design and look.
  • Listening - We heard the requests and listened. We look at trends and we provide them you. We've brought in Sanita clogs, Vince Camuto sandals, Timberland boots and chukkas, Kenneth Cole slip-ons sneakers. More to come as we discover new trends.

Our prices are the lowest or we will match it! See price-match policy.

Thanks for stopping by,

Evette Mansoor
Evette Mansoor